Vessel Lady Thetis

Vessel Lady Thetis Wreck in Cyprus

After years of negotiations and masses of time and resources we finally have two disused fishing vessels ready to be turned in to Artificial Reefs in Cyprus.

sinking wreck limassol ctprus

Put These Dates In Your Diary 22nd Feb 2014.  This date was Originally the 8th Feb, but due to unplanned finishing off and final completion, the dates was pushed back. Official Sinking Dates of Lady Thetis and The Constantis Boats.

wreck ship of lady thetis cyprus

Lady Thetis was a recreational cruise vessel it was built in Germany and it was registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships. It of operation for a long time. The vessel will be deployed in Dasoudi area, in Limassol at around 21-23 meters depth.

It took years of planning, but the long-awaited sinking of wreck for Cyprus has started. The CDCA hope that this will be a domino effect for more wreck to be sunk around Cyprus making a artificial underwater reef and boost economical efforts of attracting more tourist to visit these areas.

ship wreck of the lady thetis limassol  in cyprus

Diving is just but the least the sinking of the wrecks in Cyprus has already attracted marine biology students and studies by the local universities in Cyprus.

  • Length: 30.10 meters
  • Breadth: 8 meters

 shipwreck lady thetis cyprus

The schedule of sinking is in end of January beginning of February 2014.

Lady Thetis & Constandis

The New Wrecks for 2014 in Limassol. Lady Thetis and Constandis will be sunk on the 22nd Feb 2014. Making an Artificial Reef in Limassol for divers and marine life!

[img src=]10011Lady Thetis Below Decks
[img src=]8280Lady Thetis Outside
[img src=]6780Lady Thetis Inside
[img src=]6350Constandis
[img src=]5981Lady Thetis Restaurant
[img src=]5350Lady Thetis Restaurant area
[img src=]4700Lady Thetis & Constandis
[img src=]4660Looking into Lady Thetis
[img src=]4370Lady Thetis Wreck Limassol Cyprus
[img src=]4250Bridge of the Constandis Wreck
[img src=]4140Top Deck on Lady Thetis
[img src=]4200Inside the wrecks