Nemesis Ship Wreck Cyprus

artificial reef nemesis wreck protaras cyprus

PRESS RELEASE 20th December 2013

Finally we proudly to announce the start of the sinking of Cyprus’ Wreck Program. 20th December 2013, This is first purpose sunk wreck that has been wholly CDCA initiated will slip beneath the surface of the Mediterranean Sea in Protaras Cyprus to rest forever on the Cyprus seabed to be view by many Thousands of Divers over the coming years. We welcome you all to attend the sinking of the Wreck.

This is the CDCA Board’s culmination of 9 years of joint efforts and whilst it has been a long time coming, we hope that this is the catalyst of things to come, with further wrecks and indeed much larger ship wrecks. Who knows maybe a higher level of historic significance and relevance should become easier and easier to place on the seabed’s around Cyprus especially when the Government see the response from an overall increase in diver and snorkelling tourism in Cyprus.

This is the 1st of 4 Wrecks that have been bought over the past 2 years and have been environmentally cleaned and prepared for sinking along with all the relevant legal documentation to ensure strict compliance with the 1976 Barcelona Convention for Protection against Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. We the CDCA are VERY Serious about ours coastline and the seas around Cyprus.

Not only are we doing our utmost to increase levels of diver and snorkeler tourist generated income to the CDCA Members dive shops and other water activities in the area.

We are also highlighting this with many of the big international media, so that any and all wrecks sinking are will have as much widespread attention as possible. The event will be filmed, and will be nationwide and internationally distributed with various ways of social Medias. This is in the sure hope of increasing tourism not only for divers to come back.

Tourism in Cyprus generally visit our lovely Island whilst at the same time making sure that we continue to protect the environment and keeping the waters an beaches clean for them too!

nemesis ship wreck is located next to the liberty ship wreck in protaras cyprusThe other 3 ship wrecks will be in place within the early part of 2014.

Join us all on the 20th December 2014

This should be a Momentous Occasion in ours and you’re Diary, even if you are busy that day, clear the bookings bring your friends and family to the sinking ceremony and become part of this Historic Event!!

We believe that all dive centres across the island should be present during the event day so please submit your intention to participate along with any lists of people you wish to be present with you back to us, so we can have an idea of the numbers of spectators who are turning out for this Inaugural CDCA initiated Artificial Reef.

We hope this event will have as much of a positive impact not only on the CDCA but on Cyprus as a whole.

Put this Date in Your Diary: Friday, 20 December 2013, 11:00 – 14:00

Have a look at more Nemesis Pictures before her sinking.

Nemesis Wreck Cyprus

Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus is an artificial reef for the purpose of diving tourism alike.

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