Fishing Vessel Nemesis

Nemesis Wreck Cyprus

Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus is an artificial reef for the purpose of diving tourism alike.

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Establishment of Marine Protected Areas with Artificial Reefs in Cprus / Deployment of Fishing Vessel Nemesis III

artificial reef nemesis wreck location cyprus

The project (preparation, cleaning and deployment of all four vessels) has a cost of around 300 000 euro and it is co funded by the European Union, European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013 and the Government of Cyprus: Investing in sustainable fisheries. The vessels were donated to the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research by the Cyprus Tourist Organization, the Cyprus Dive Centers Association and the Municipality of Limassol. The total cost to buy the vessels was around 60 000 euro.


Fishing Vessel Nemesis III in 2013

All national and international standards and regulations for safety, cleaning, transfer and deployment of vessels were taken into account. Cleaning –up of vessels takes place according to the relevant guidelines of the United Nations Environment Program /Mediterranean Action Plan.


Fishing Vessel Nemesis III

The Bottom trawler Nemesis III was built in France in 1956 and was previously named “Thalia”.

It and was brought to Cyprus in 1987 where it was registered at the Register of Cyprus Ships. Soon after, it was licensed by the Department of Fisheries to operate in International Waters. Nemesis III operated in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and in Libyan waters as well.

The vessel will be deployed in Protaras area, Paralimni Municipality at around 23 meters depth.

Length: 24.5 meters

Breadth: 6.30 meters


The schedule of Artificial Reefs Cyprus making is on the 20th of December 2013 at 11.00 am.

wreck of the nemesis in protaras cyprus

The vessel “Nemesis III” in 2004

If you would like to Visit the Wreck of the Fishing Vessel Nemesis III, Please contact one of our CDCA Members Dive Centres Listed above