Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI)

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The CDCA operates under the auspices of the CCCI which also hosts the Association’s secretarial staff and premises.

The CCCI is a private Chamber of Commerce & Industry representing all industrues and market sectors in Cypurs with close to 10,000 company members. The CDCA is one of 80 Professional and Special Interest Associations hosted at the CCCI.

Through its collaboration with the CCCI, the CDCA is in a position to more effectively lobby and safeguard the interests of the Cypurs diving community through engaging various government institutions such as the Ministry of Communication & Works, the Cypurs Tourism Organizations, the Cyprus Port Authorities, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Planning Bureau and the Ministry of Agriculture amongst others.

The CDCA is also able to organize and/or participate in, delegations abroad, seminars and other events that are of interest to the diving industry utilizing the resources of the CCCI such as physical premises, administrative services and more.

Website of the CCCI:

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